Saturday, October 31, 2009

Divine Denzal

How great to see Denzal Sinclaire again...after too long an abscence here. He was ably abetted by Joel Haynes on drums and Jon Maharaj on bass. He did "Tofu and Greens"...which I was really, really hoping for...thus covering off the vegan element of the blog posting..:) A good crowd at the Canwest Cabaret show last night. Denzal was in fine form with lovely treatments of "You and the Night and the Music" in tango fashion, "Follow You, Follow Me" segueing into "Unforgettable"...because when you sound spookily like Nat King Cole..why not? "Nature Boy", "What a Wonderful World"....his unique take on "I Got Rhythm"..a tight but full to the brim set. Love the intimacy of the venues for this series... This afternoon is "Rodgers and Hart" songbook...on a windy day here in the Big Smoke. Tomorrow I should go and visit Nathan Hiltz at Joe Mama's his regular Sunday night gig with Bernie Senensky... Photo from
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