Friday, October 9, 2009

No turkey for me...Happy Thanksgiving

This is how turkeys should be - not on a platter in the middle of the dining room table..this colourful specimen is a Michigan wild turkey
(photo courtesy of JRidley1 - flickr creative commons).
I am of course, not having any turkeys sacrificed this weekend instead I will likely enjoy a delicious vegan Thanksgiving meal at a local restaurant such as Green Earth - which has a great meal special - or possibly Veg Haven. Besides I think my favourite part about the meal was always the side dishes anyway, not to mention the pumpkin pie - and I have made that a la vegan or a pumpkin cheesecake - also vegan - which were amazing! The most amazing thing about the pumpkin pie is the spice so actually you can use carrot as my friend Richard has or sweet potatoes... Tonight is Mr. "Brownman" Ali at Trane for his 2nd week of the 5 week Miles tribute and I'm not sure what else I will be up to this weekend...likely going to see Miss Julia Cleveland at the Rex on Monday night. Another wonderful PFW event last night at the Trey Anthony Centre (curiously - across from the Rex - I just can't get away from jazz!!). I did an elliptical trainer workout this morning since I feel I really should be using the equipment that the condos fees are charged for...and now I have an urge for a burger from Sadie's Diner. Last week after the Vegan Bakeoff I had it but they ran out of fries....I know, I know, defeats my workout... Rainy day today...good for reading a book. I am currently on "A Pigeon and a Boy" and just finished Jennifer Weiner's latest which was a hoot.
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