Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"An Education"

Loved this movie...partly because of the early 60's fashions but also Carey Mulligan is great as Jenny, a smart savvy teen with aspirations for Oxford until she gets waylaid by smoothtalker David played by Peter Sarsgaard who is not quite what he seems. He introduces her to a bigger, more exciting world which includes a trip to Paris - perfect for the girl obsessed with all things French. Delightful. Rosamund Pike takes on an unusual part as a dim blonde - love her because she is gorgeous and always plays smart, sophisticated types. Carey plays the intelligent on paper but naive young thing perfectly. I think I like the 60's fashions because they are rectangular which is the "shape" my body is supposed to be... I am also reading Shmuley Boteach's "The Kosher Sutra" which sounds racy but is actually more about having passion in life... An Excerpt: "In other words, eroticism is a recognition of the infinity of life and its endless nature. There is no climax, there is no summit. There is only an endless journey of accelerating passion. Changing our lives from a goal to a means-orientation would bring back the curiosity and passion that is the very stuff of the erotic spark. Take our jobs for example. All too many of us work in order to advance or work in order to earn money. But if we were to work in order to maximize our productive capacity for creative output, we would achieve those ends, but would also enjoy the journey."
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