Sunday, October 4, 2009

Feeling like Meryl Streep

The loot from yesterday.....I'm still revelling in it....there was a cookbook, a gift certificate for Vegan Essential, subscription to Veg News (twice), cookies, bags, pins and lovely ribbons...which I wore on my shirt last night - very proudly!
I won!! Not once but twice yesterday at the 2nd annual Totally Fabulous Vegan Bake Off - for my "Nutville Cookies".
Fantastic Cookie and Amazing Presentation were my "major awards"
This is the presentation for the judges - I put the Nutville sheet music on a CD and wrote out the ingredients like song lyrics....
This is for the general (hungry) public and there were some 300 people there at Harbourfront Community Centre.
I fashioned little tinfoil instruments - a sax and here a trumpet, when I couldn't find any to purchase...
I got a special mention about the clever presentation from Eden who operates "New Moon Kitchen" cookies...I was in line for a delicious Lime Coconut Cake at the of my was the savoury Potluck Pesto Bread, a nice treat after so much sugar!
I would like to thank the academy.....
Thanks really to judges Jae Steele who authored one of my favourite cookbooks, "Get it Ripe" she's in the middle, Eden
Herzog of "New Moon Kitchen" cookie fame (on the left) and chef Doug McNish of Live Cuisine .
Lisa Pittman is a force of nature in a delightful way - her incredible dedication and enthusiasm to organizing and promoting this event is much appreciated along with the wonderful volunteers who helped out yesterday.
Did a bit of Nuit Blanche last night and tonight it's Cory Weeds at Chalkers...
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