Monday, October 5, 2009

Weeds I love

As in - great music last night at Chalkers, even though the piano was woefully out of tune, the amazing Ross Taggart perservered....whew! I was really surprised at the small turnout for this great band which included Cory himself on tenor, New Yorker Jim Rotondi on trumpet and flugelhorn, a mesmerizing Jesse Cahill on drums and the always cool Pat Collins on bass. Apparently according to Cory's blog Canada Council didn't come through for Ken Lister's bass duties...."I Get By With a little help from my friends" indeed! My favourite excursions were the incendiary "323 Shuter", the lovely ballad "Cyclamen" and "The Poor"...all original compostions by either Ross and/or Cory. I can't tell you, as much as I love our local guys, how refreshing it is to have musicians visit from the "left coast" or elsewhere in Canada or the U.S. - which points out the necessity of arts funding - not just for audience but so that musicians can travel and perform together or in some cases perform with local musicians. Great to see Dave McMurdo in attendance listening intently and sporting a beard.
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