Sunday, October 25, 2009

Zombie and Toxic Avengers...oh my!

Yesterday, starting from Trinity Bellwoods Park was the annual Zombie walk and I headed over to take photos and hopefully not be eaten... Before the walk got underway, there were winners to be selected for best costume and best walk and was a blast. Lots of creativity went into fashioning the outfits and staying in character... "The Toxic Avenger" was silly fun..not for the squeamish as there is some dismemberment and ahem... colourful language.. but appropriate Hallowe'en fare with rock and roll score...thank goodness for earplugs. The supporting cast is great playing multiple roles especially Daren A. Herbert and Peter Dewick who veer from playing thugs to scientists, gay hairstylists, little old ladies and giggly girlfriends. As for Louise Pitre - that woman rocks! Her always stellar self even when doing a number playing two characters at the same time. Looks like everyone is having a great time. You've got to hand it to a production that rhymes uranium with geranium...
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