Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Catching up with "Jazzology" grads - Rosanne Howell

Great to hear the lovely Rosanne at Gate 403 tonight with her band -she did original tunes like "Twilight" and "Gravity" - joking that she was covering the great Canadian songwriters - starting with herself - not really a joke since she does write very well.

I particularly enjoyed "Shiny Stockings", "So Far Away",  "I Try" and "Both Sides Now" lovely - hope you are back at Gate 403 soon! (Photo from my cell phone so not the greatest image!)

In the audience was Taurean Clarke, master of the steel pan and Humber grad - now teaching for the TDSB - hope to hear him perform soon too..he tells me he was part of the bill with the legendary Archie Alleyne at Pero recently....

Via Facebook an evening of award winning composers - at Berklee in Boston.
Yet another "Jazzology" grad - this time from Mohawk - Lorenzo Castelli is performing award winning compositions at :

 "Professional Writing Division Awards Concert" on Thursday, April 1 at 8:15pm.

Event: Professional Writing Division Awards Concert

What: Concert

Start Time: Thursday, April 1 at 8:15pm

End Time: Thursday, April 1 at 10:00pm

Where: Berklee Performance Center

Lorenzo is representing the film scoring department. Congratulations!
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