Monday, March 8, 2010

Oscar recap and Danjam

Loved, loved this Marchesa gown on Best Supporting Actress nominee Vera Farmiga - she looked elegant and comfortable in it - a pop of colour and a wonderful confection.

Also lovely: Sandra Bullock, Penelope Cruz and J. Lo....did not like the bedsheet Sarah Jessica was wearing, ditto the doily around Barbra's neck....what, it was too much effort to make the effort and dress up? As for the opening number, I hope that was a really big joke as it was cringe inducing...

Much of the evening felt awkward - I was happy to see Kathryn Bigelow win though as well as "The Cove" for best documentary. Didn't see many of the films which is unlike me and particularly the foreign films...perhaps 10 films is too unwieldy, methinks - last time it was done was the year "Casablanca" won - enough said.

On to a more positive note - Danjam Orchestra tonight at 8 at Trane - featuring some great musicians including Mike Murley and a couple of "Jazzology" graduates - Heather Segger and Patrick Boyle.
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