Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Danjam Orchestra at Trane

 Here is the fabulous Danjam Orchestra...that's Dan Jamieson's conducting and soloing is Toronto's own Mike Ruby. Next to Mike is Mr. Mike Murley - one of Canada's finest saxophonists - playing baritone.

The band sounded incredible last night and I got to visit with Heather Segger, Justin Gray, Patrick Boyle, Jake Koffman and Ben Dietschi. Ben told me he is putting together a cross Canada tour with a new group of musicians he met at Banff - thanks to the federal government. They are also going to record. I love hearing exciting news from the "kids".

Select members from Dan's group are playing the Rex late show tomorrow night....his parents are hosting about 6 members from New York - from the Manhattan School of Music. I am so thrilled to hear the next generation....

Now off to Lush and Lavish for some indulgence...
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