Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Muffin Mo

Made some Banana Chocolate Chip muffins from "Get Real" as there were "reject" bananas at the Kitchen Table downstairs. Today I am finishing "Prisoner of Tehran" - which I highly recommend - and made making Cheezy Kale Chips...mmm...I need to have lunch because that phrase caused my stomach to rumble.

I can't wait to try out the cookie recipes....

Rosanne Howell is at Gate 403 from 5 - 8 and Danica Leigh at the Reservoir starting at 7 p.m. - I am sensing a mad dash on the TTC between the two venues.

Ate salad rolls and curry puffs from King's Cafe at Yoga Show on Sunday - bought another yoga top plus a gorgeous rose pink number- short sleeves and hood- bamboo from KarmaWear our neighbours - sooo soft and comfy. Regrettably - they are from B.C. - however, this is the age of internet....

The great guitarist Herb Ellis passed away on Sunday - he was 88. Herb was best known for his work with Oscar Peterson along with Ray Brown - a legendary trio - his lightning fast melodic guitar playing and being a true gentleman - I got to meet him a number of years back when I was working at the Yardbird Suite so I can attest to all counts. I loved the stories I heard about the practical jokes those three used to play on each other - including the one where Herb dyed his hair purple and Oscar never rose to the bait to comment! Oscar is waiting for you, Herb.
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