Sunday, March 7, 2010

Jazz Etiquette

This one always puzzles me and I haven't yet figured it out...if there are only a few people in the audience do you still applaud after solos? It feels a little weird - I certainly would love to acknowledge the musicians but perhaps I feel too self conscious applauding - heck I even feel self conscious at the end of the tune if I'm the only one applauding/paying atttention - this has happened in venues where there have been 15-20 people or so dining! Needless to say I always appreciate the musicians - even if it's just in my head!

Today going to hear Melissa Lauren at Gate 403 and then off to an Oscar party to watch awards and check out the dresses, natch. I am brining Alicia Silverstone's Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups...

I'm on a French pop kick - listening to Madame Sarkozy/Carla Bruni and Francoise Hardy in rotation - if anyone can suggest any other singers I should check out I would appreciate it...loving the gentle nature and of course everything sounds more lovely en francais....

Can't wait to hear Dan Jamieson's Orchestra tomorrow night!!

I am also taking a tarot class again which should be fun and exciting - my card pick today is "The World" - a great card.
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