Saturday, March 13, 2010


This lovely image is from flick'r - Creativity plus by Timothy K Hamilton.

I was thinking about butterflies as my dear friend D mentioned dreaming of them last night - plus I also seem to be encountering a lot of butterfly imagery - hmm...does that mean I am becoming a butterfly? Nice concept. My dream involved Paul McCartney...interesting...completely G rated.

Here is a thought I had, admittedly strange - if you got Jamie Cullum and Jamie Oliver at the same event would one be able to withstand the energy level and cuteness factor? Let's find out!

Great music again at Azure - wonderful to hear Dave Restivo - he really killed it on "Pennies from Heaven" and I requested "Someone to Watch Over Me", "Desafinado" and "I Thought About You"...still a roomful of people and minimal applause....sigh...part of me wants to lecture, part of me to just let it Zen, like the butterfly...

It was also nice to meet Jim Biros Executive Vice President of the Toronto Musicians Association - who helped Dan put together the contract with the hotel...he is a fascinating guy - with a background in theatre.

I am excited about going to hear Kate Rusby tomorrow at Hugh's Room - sounds lovely from my You Tube listening - thanks to Brenda Lewis.
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