Friday, March 12, 2010

Jamie Cullum

Blog posting should be up shortly on Jazz FM - how delightful he was - our own little concert - much better than being in the nosebleed section in a huge concert hall.

Discovered a new restaurant - well, to me anyway in Liberty Village - Raaw - it's Japanese had yummy "Very Veg" sushi with brown rice, avocado, cucumber, shitake mushroom, carrot - crunchy wrapped in bean curd - scrumptious, plus the owners/staff are wonderfully welcoming people - check it out - there are a few veg options on the menu. I should have taken a photo but thought that may have freaked them out...I can't wait to sample more items on the menu.

Also another discovery in Liberty Galleria - Demo Soap - I have seen their stuff at the One of a Kind Sale and knew they had a space somewhere in the area - found it. Too much fun smelling all the soaps - I bought Vanilla Coconut, Jasmine, Shea Butter and Rose Geranium. A whole strip of shops/businesses (including a dance studio, clothing store and "For the Love of Cake" ) I haven't noticed before as I'm usually on a mission to get to Jazz FM  - other than stopping for Balzac's coffee.

Maybe a visit to Azure again today - Dave Restivo is in the house - and I will venture into folk territory methinks on Sunday or Monday at Hugh's Room - a singer someone put me onto Kate Rusby from the U.K. Julie Mahendran is also at the Rex the same night!

Thanks to Ron for the tip about Danielle Hebert - check out her "Paris is for Lovers" CD - it's been played on Brad Barker's show - that's Dinner Jazz from 6 - 9 weekdays. I am on this French chanteuse or chanteur kick and Ron is a Francophile and knows his music - we share similiar taste.

I am anticipating the Grand Opening of Bergstrom Originals - they are moving across the street - on March 18th - more on that later - with photos. Love Christina's use of colour - I certainly adore everything I buy there.
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