Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Meatless Mondays

And Tuesdays, Wednesdays...well heck it is every day for me...but very exciting that there is a "Toronto Star" article on the front page of the Entertainment section featuring a photo of the TVA's  wonderful Executive Director David Alexander!

Inside there is more coverage - with recipes and a photo of the chef of the splendiferous "Calico Cafe" - Jared Davis - and reminds me I must pay that fine establishment a visit soon....

If I do have a bone to pick - yes, odd turn of phrase there - it's the emphasis on deprivation in the tone of the article's writer. I know they are likely required to be fair and balanced however, I feel there could have been far more focus on the pluses (of which there are many) than the minuses. I have never had such an interesting diet or created such interesting dishes as when I went veg. I still am more inclined with the "Meat Free" campaign that started in Britain personally - perhaps it is the allure of Sir Paul. More like to my way of thinking "Hooray, I am free of meat"! A liberation if you will....

By the way had a yummy lunch at "The Friendly Thai" newly on Queen Street west of Tecumseh - oodles of noodles and many veg options on the menu...I will be back. An extra treat mango, banana and green tea ice cream - thud - that's the sound of me perhaps falling off the vegan wagon unless that was coconut ice cream...which you must try!

Feeling very balanced thanks to Melissa at All One in Roncesvalles - love reflexology and as added indulgence - I was a massage model for Ayurvedic Touch - a very gifted student, Cathy (don't know if that's the spelling - sorry!) of Andrea Olivera's - an incredible teacher, Ayurvedic practitioner, facialist, skin care goddess and lovely, warm and nurturing person.


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