Thursday, April 29, 2010

Girls (and Boys) Night Out...

Here are members of the Darlene Stimson Appreciation Society or d'Sas as Dan Bodanis said. The ever thoughtful drummer had t-shirts made up for the band and signs for us to hold up last night at Girls' Night Out!

I could tell Darlene was touched....congrats Darlene - you inspire me. Darlene's set had a moon theme - in honour of the full moon and I can assure you - it was affecting people out and about in T.O. last night.

Thanks to all the singers and musicians and especially Lisa Particelli - I hope to have a blog up on Jazz FM shortly about this great weekly event.

Ori Dagan has perhaps convinced me to be brave sometime - I need some coaching on that...but what the heck...I just may.

Ori has some upcoming gigs - which you can find out about on - in May - the 18th at the Reservoir, the 21st at Gate 403 (5-8 p.m.) and the Old Mill's Homesmith bar on May 28th - bass and voice duo (one of my favourite configurations) with his friend Alex Belgarde (did I spell that correctly?) from Montreal.
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