Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Going Green

The colours are respectively on toes : Emerald City and fingers Delight. Thanks to the lovely and talented Carmen at Lush and Lavish Salon and Spa on Ossington.
They are having a cocktail party tonight with cupcakes and snacks and freebies like LoveFresh samples, Eminence and Kevin Murphy. Preparations were well underway when I was there this morning - bubbly co-owner Lynn was busy, busy, busy.

I recommend the prix fixe lunch at Pizzeria Libretto across the street - stellar service - by a server who bore a striking resemblance to a young Ralph Fiennes. For $15 - your choice of a beet or arugula salad or bruschetta, one of 3 pizzas, and dessert of either gelato or biscotti.  I chose the arugula salad, Margherita pizza and the gelato. Simple and scrumptious.

I don't know if you have heard of the website 1,000 amazing things - it's apparently very successful - and why not - life is all about the small pleasures. I was reflecting on this as I watched passersby out the window of Libretto and this morning at Jimmy's Coffee - my fave neighbourhood cafe. The servers were chatting about music and there is always a varied selection there, as I walked in - the tune was "Fox on the Run" - if memory serves me clearly by The Sweet - memories of my teens, followed by The Ramones - "Do you Wanna Dance"?  then Talking Heads and a couple of other patrons were reminded of their own high school days - I love these little happy making moments in the day - music truly is the universal language.  One more reason I love Chuck - last night's episode ended with Nina Simone's "Feeling Good".
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