Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Red Hot

Tried on these MBT shoes last night at an info event at "Walking on a Cloud", Liberty Village store.

Dr. Lori Yarrow, D.C, B.P.E, F.I.C.P.A,  a former chiropractor and having studied exercise physiology - knows her stuff - she is Head of Academy Canada. The two of us who showed up (a physiotherapist and myself) got to try out the shoes, do some exercises - along with the staff. Interestingly I was eyeing these spicy numbers atop a rack and lo and behold there they were - size 8. They are called Foya Chili....appropriate for a pitta and an Aries!

I discovered Lori is a Jazz FM supporter and listener and a big fan of our Commander in Chief Ross Porter - it's that distressed velvet voice, I know!

Suffice to say I am likely going to get these babies - they are so comfortable and do such great things for your alignment, muscles and even ahem, burn extra calories. I know of a few people who just rave about them - one acquaintance has several pairs.

We also got a great grab bag of goodies - water bottle, beverage cup - a cheerful spring green with sleek European design, socks, foot scrub, shoe buffer, key there were healthy snacks.

Oh, and I should mention the shoes I tried on were also synthetic materials...not leather!

Tomorrow night I'm going to my friend Lorraine's art opening out in the Junction at Reba's Cafe and then to hear Paul Fitterer and "New and Used" at Tequila Bookworm...all this after my fundraising shift at Jazz FM - which is a segue into - yes please call and donate 1-800-811-2400 or online at - you could win a fabulous prize - they have been giving away the much coveted iPads I hear....
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