Sunday, April 11, 2010

Girly alert

Because I love many feminine rituals like cosmetics, dresses and shoes I have been delighted with this my purchases from this business. They are prompt and even include a candy with each shipment - how sweet (to make a bad pun).

You can purchase varying sizes of decanted designer perfume without the commitment of as in some cases, ahem - my Guerlain perfume addiction forking over $200 plus per bottle. So, you can try out small sizes of beautiful scents and see if you like them - they even have vegan scents.

I love "Cuir Beluga", "Double Vanille" and now "Iris Ganache" - I am a bit addicted to the oriental/gourmand vibe and am a bit of snob when it comes to cosmetics and perfume - I think the French do it best....
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